Welcome to the 8089th Civil Air Patrol
Squadron Operations Team! The team was
started in 30 May 1998. The Founder,
C/SGT Chris Munger, was the chairman
until early July. He now is the
Vice Chairman the team. The new
chairman is C/B Cory Burchill. He was
the Vice Chairman untill Munger
resigned. I now introduce the agents.
1st LT. Anne-Marie Isgro C/B
Cory Burchill C/SGT Chris Munger
C/B Joey Towne C/A Laurie Munger
C/B Ashley Younce C/B Krystal
C/A Sean Kelly These
people were chosen because they are
highly-skilled and are apart of the
best CAP squadron in the US of A.

Chairman Biography
C/B Cory Burchill:
Vice Chairman Biography
C/SGT Chris Munger: Born September 3rd
1983. Military Parents (moved alot).
Joined the Civil Air Patrol in 1996
as a mascot and progressed through
the ranks. Father is the full-time
worker for Florida Wing Headquarters
and is a Lt. Col.
Favourite Links

Civil Air Patrol HQ-Maxwell AFB,AL

Florida Wing HQ-MacDill AFB,FL

United States Air Force Web Site

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